Comparison of two methods of subcision Nokor and blunt blade in acne scars treatment




Subcision is a simple surgical method that can be effective in treatment of acne scars


This study was conducted to evaluate and compare the two methods of Nokor needle and blunt blade (BB) subcision in treatment of acne scars

Settings and design

This clinical trial study was conducted on 28 patients with acne scars

Patients and methods

One side of the face was treated with BB subcision method, and the other side was treated with Nokor needle method. Followed up period was 6 months after treatment. Statistical Analysis Used: Data were analyzed by Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (version 20) software using independent sample t test, Mann‐Whitney test, Friedman test, and Fisher's exact test

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In follow‐up period, the improvement of acne scars was comparable in both groups (P > 0.05). Complications were lower in BB method than another method (P < 0.05). The patient satisfaction was higher in BB method (P < 0.05)


Both of modalities offered similar improvement, but the complication rate was lower and the patient satisfaction was also higher in the BB method than another method

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