Complete resolution of chronic cutaneous leishmaniasis by combination therapy with systemic glucantime, oral fluconazole and 50% trichloroacetic acid solution: report of one case

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is an endemic disease in Iran and there is no curative treatment. The disfiguring scar that remains after it subsidesis a major psychologic and emotional problem in these patients. Chronic leishmaniasisis a rare form of this malady which is seen in 5-7 percent of cases. In this article we report a 46-year-old man who was refered to us for a large leishmaniasis lesion consisting of a scaling erythematous plaque with several papules on the right side of face and nose. This patient was treated by a combination of systemic Glucantime, 50% trichlroacetic acid and oral fluconazole. Complete resolution was achieved after 4 months
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