Date of Release: 2016

Comparing eyebrow hair transplantation success rate in patients with and without eyebrow tattoo

Background: Hair loss can occur due to many diseases and is usually related to treatment of an underlying cause. However, eyebrow may not grow back and restoration with methods such as tattoos or hair transplant surgery is needed. The aim of this study was to determine the impact of tattooing on success rate of eyebrow hair transplantation surgery Methods: In this clinical trial, 35 patients (5 male, 30 female) completed the study for eyebrow hair transplantation. Patients were divided into two groups based on a history of eyebrow tattoo. Factors such as demographic factors, direction of hair growth, hair density, the underlying cause and a history of drug use, smoking and alcohol were also investigated. Data were analyzed using chi-square and Mann-Whitney tests Findings: In this study, patients’ satisfaction was not significantly different based on tattoo history (P>0.05) Also, other factors associated with patient satisfaction were not significantly different. The average age of patients in the two groups was 30 and 32 years, respectively Conclusion: This clinical trial showed that doing eyebrow tattoo before surgery does not affect patients ’satisfaction for eyebrow repair surgery. However, another study with larger sample size is recommended
مقاله دکتر نیلفروش زاده research
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