Human Hair Organoids’ Production for the First Time in Iran

The Joint Research Team of the Skin and Stem Cell Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the Royan Research Institute, led by Dr. Mohammad Ali Nilforuzadeh, They were able to produce human hair organoids for the first time under laboratory conditions .The team of researcher has started research and develope in this field since 2012, And they succeeded for isolating stem cells and human dermal papilla then transplanting into the mice, for creating hair structure in these animals (2016), the results of these findings were published (2017). Also on that year , autologous dermal papillary cultured and then in 5 patients with androgenic hair loss transplanted,this trial had a code of ethics committee from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Royan Research Institute.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Nilforuzadeh, head of skin and Stem Cell Research Center, said;"Based on the studies done and the efforts of our researchers, in the near future we will implanting of these organoids for people who don't have a enough hair donors for covering bald areas."

دکتر محمد علی نیلفروش زاده

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