Date of Release: 2007

Atypical clinical forms of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniases due to leishmania major in isfahan, iran

Zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis (ZCL) caused by Leishmania major is a polymorphic disease, which is endemic in many parts of the world including Iran. The aim of this study was to draw attention to the clinical features of this disease, which may be confused with other dermatomes In this prospective study the clinical features of ZCL of 440 patients referred for diagnosis to the Research Center for Skin Disease and Leishmaniasis, Isfahan, Iran, were observed and recorded In this study, 409 (92.9%) patients suffered from volcano-shape skin lesions, typical form of ZCL, and 31 (7.1%) had clinically atypical forms of ZCL. Permissively primed intergenic po1ymorphicpolymerase chain reaction showed that all the isolates were L. major ZCL showed various clinical forms that all should be included in the differential diagnosis of any kind of skin lesions in both endemic and non-endemic areas
مقاله دکتر نیلفروش زاده research
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