Date of Release: 2002

Cutaneous and N1UCOSALLESIONS in 117 renal transplantation patients referred to Noor and Ali Asghar hospital in Esfahan in June and July 1997

Background: A wide variety of cutaneous and mucosal lesions occur in renal transplant recipients Objective: Evaluation of the skin and mucous membrane lesions in the kidney transplant recipients in Noor & Ali Asghar Hospital in Esfahan Patients & Methods: This cross-sectional descriptive study was done on 117 patients (82 male, 35 female), who had received kidney transplants and referred to Noor & Ali Asghar Hospital during July and August 1997 Results: Hypertrichosis was the most common finding observed in 73%. Other lesions were acne (33%), folliculitis(26%), gingival hyperplasia (19%), common warts(18%), and recurrent herpes simplex infection(3%). Basal cell carcinoma was present in 3 patients and one patient had Kaposi”s sarcoma Conclusion: Except for skin tumours, the results of this study revealed similar prevalence skin” lesions in renal of transplantation patient with those repdrtttdin the literature, which emphasizes on the importance of periodic skin examinations in these patients
مقاله دکتر نیلفروش زاده research
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