Date of Release: 2016

The efficacy of an innovative method of melanocytes-keratinocytes suspension for the treatment of stable vitiligo (a report of 20 cases)

Background: Vitiligo is the most common chronic depigmentation disorder caused by melanocyte loss in the basal epidermis. Drug therapy and surgical procedures are two main modalities for its treatment and one of the most effective surgical procedures is non-cultured epidermal cell transplantation suspension containing melanocytes and keratinocytes cells. This pilot study evaluates the effectiveness of an innovative method of melanocyte-keratinocyte cell suspension for treatment of patients with stable vitiligo Methods: Twenty patients with stable vitiligo which where resistant to standard treatment participated in this study. Melanocyte- keratinocyte cell suspension (with Patent No.81687 method) was transferred to the affected lesions. Repigmentation of the lesions was scored as excellent, good, fair or weak by comparing lesion photos before and 6 months after the treatment Findings: Mean repigmentation score was excellent in 1 (5%), good in 4 (20%), fair in 11 (55%) and weak in 4 (20%) of the patients 6 months after the intervention Conclusion: The results of this study demonstrated that melanocyte-keratinocyte cell suspension can provide good results and repigmentation in more than 50% of cases
مقاله دکتر نیلفروش زاده research
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