Can regenerative medicine and nanotechnology combine to heal wounds The search for the ideal wound dressing

Skin is the outermost covering of the human body and at the same time the largest organ comprising 15% of body weight and 2 m2 surface area. Skin plays a key role as a barrier against the outer environment depending on its thickness, color and structure, which differ from one site to another. The four major types of problematic wounds include ulcers (diabetic, venous, pressure) and burn wounds. Developing novel dressings helps us to improve the wound healing process in difficult patients. Recent advances in regenerative medicine and nanotechnology are revolutionizing the field of wound healing. Antimicrobial activity, exogenous cell therapy, growth factor delivery, biodegradable and biocompatible matrix construction, all play a role in hi-tech dressing design. In the present review, we discuss how the principles of regenerative medicine and nanotechnology can be combined in innovative wound dressings.

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