Comparing the efficiency of combination of minoxidil solution and tacrolimus cream with minoxidil solution alone in the treatment of alopecia areata

Background: Alopecia areata is an idiopathic disease in which there is patchy hair loss. Many treatments for hair loss coin (less than 50% hair loss) has been proposed Including corticosteroid injections, topical 5% minoxidil, and anthralin cream or ointment on the skin without hair. Since recent studies on the role of autoantibodies and autoimmune disease in alopecia areata have raised and the drugs used in its treatment are immunomodulators, this study aimed to compare the efficiency of tacrolimus and minoxidil with minoxidil alone in the treatment of alopecia areata Methods: This randomized, double-blind clinical trial study was done in Alzahra Hospital and Sedigheh Tahira Center of Dermatology and Leishmaniasis, affiliated to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, from September 2012 to September 2013. In this study, 96 lesions in 54 patients with alopecia areata with various size and number of lesions were studied in two treatment groups. One group recived minoxidil 5% solution and tacrolimus 0.1% cream, and the other received minoxidil 5% solution and placebo cream. The mean lesion area at the onset of treatment, one and two months after starting the treatment, and one and three months after ending the therapy were measured compared between the groups in both sexes and various ages Findings: After the treatment, the lesions in group minoxidil and tacrolimus increased and in the group treated with placebo cream and minoxidil solution decreased Conclusion: In our study, minoxidil 5% solution alone was more effective in treatment of alopecia areata compared to combination of minoxidil 5% solution and tacrolimus 0.1% cream

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