Fractional co2 laser as an effective modality in treatment of striae alba in skin types III and IV

Background: Rapid stretching of the skin over the weak connective tissue leads to development of striae distensae. Recently, researchers have shown special interest towards use of fractional photothermolysis in treatment of striae and several studies have shown its usefulness. We aimed to assess the efficacy of Fractional CO2 laser in treatment of striae alba Methods: A randomized clinical trial was carried out in 6 women with striae alba. Ninety two striae were randomly divided into two groups. Five sessions of laser resurfacing were performed in group 1, every 2-4 weeks. Group 2 was treated with 10% glycolic acid and 0.05% tretinoin cream nightly. Photographs were taken from the striae before and two weeks after the end of the treatment. Mean surface area of striae compared between two groups. Patients’ views regarding the degree of improvement were assessed via visual analogue scale (VAS) Findings: Mean difference of striae surface area was significantly more after treatment in group 1 (-37.1±15.6 cm2) in comparison with group 2 (-7.9±9.0 cm2) (P<0.001). Mean VAS was significantly higher in group 1 (3.05±0.74) compared to group 2 (0.63±0.66) (P<0.001 Conclusion: Fractional photothermolysis via Fractional CO2 laser seems to be an effective method for treatment of striae alba

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