The efficacy of Achilles millefolium topical gel along with intralesional injection of glucantime in the treatment of acute cutaneous leishmaniasis major


Leishmaniasis is still one of the endemic parasitic infections in many countries comprising Iran. During the past decades, several medical and surgical approaches have been applied and studied to achieve the best option to treat the cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran and the world. This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of topical Achilles millefolium in conjunction with intralesional glucantime on acute cutaneous leishmanial lesions

Materials and Methods

sixty patients with confirmed acute cutaneous leishmaniasis were recruited in the study. Patients were randomly allocated into two groups to receive twice daily topical gel of Achilles millefolium 5% (containing 5% poly phenol) (group A) or placebo (group B) for four weeks along with weekly injection of intralesional Glucantime


There was no significant difference between the two groups according to age, gender, and duration of the disease

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Also, there was no significant difference in complete and relative cure rates between the two groups (P = 0.35) using Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Application site reactions were occurred in 12 patients including redness in 8 cases in group-A and 2 cases in group-B, severe itching in one case in group-A and increasing wound secretion in another case in group-A (P = 0.014)


Given the result of the present study, there is no significant difference in cure rates of lesions between yarrow and placebo topical gels as an adjuvant drugs with intralesional glucantime in treatment of acute cutaneous leishmanial lesions

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