Treatment of recalcitrant diabetic ulcers using trichloroacetic acid

Background: Despite using different treatment modalities, treatment of diabetic foot ulcer still is a very important challenge. In this case series, we report successful treatment of 6 patients with resistant diabetic ulcers using topical application of trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Materials and Methods: Six patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus received standard treatment for 6 weeks. TCA70% was applied to the periphery of the ulcer and TCA 50% was applied to the center of ulcer every week until the first significant reepithelialization was observed. Results: In this report, all of the wounds in six treated patients were improved after mean of 7.5±0.83 weeks with significant reduced in their areas and infection scores. Discussion: The range of improvement efficacy was from 68.6% to 100% with no complications after 1, 2 and 3 months of follow up. The observed efficacy of TCA on diabetic ulcer healing is due to production of granulation tissue and epithelial cells

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