Treatment of Recalcitrant Diabetic Ulcers With Trichloroacetic Acid and Fibroblasts

Introduction: Foot ulcer, with a prevalence of 15% in general population, is one of the main complications in patients with diabetes. So far, different therapeutic methods have been provided for the treatment of foot ulcers. When no response to the standard treatment methods is observed, other methods would be applied

Case Presentation: In this report, we introduce two men with type 2 diabetes mellitus and recalcitrant diabetic foot ulcer who were treated with topical 50% trichloroacetic acid solvent and autologous fibroblasts. The treatment resulted in complete healing of foot ulcers in both patients.

Conclusions: Trichloroacetic acid and autologous fibroblast can be considered as therapeutic choice for recalcitrant diabetic foot ulcer

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